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Testimonial – Leeds United FC Fitness Coach

Bryony would like to share this great Testimonial that she received the other week from Mathew Pears, The Leeds United FC Fitness Coach

“I cannot thank or endorse Bryony enough for the help she has given me this year. With 3 months to go before my first ever Ironman triathlon taking place in Lanzarote, I could not run or cycle due to issues in my lower legs. Issues that highly qualified physiotherapists could not fully diagnose nor provide any effective treatment. Just before deferring my place I decided to book in a complimentary appointment with Bryony. I felt I had nothing to lose and after my first consultation I went from feeling negative and frustrated to being hopeful, confident and reassured.

I was very much sceptical about the general effectiveness of acupuncture but following a course of treatment I am now a true convert.

Bryony was able to relieve me of my symptoms and within weeks I was able to continue with my training program. The nature of Ironman training is pretty much a battering of the body day in day out. Bryony was able to provide the ‘ears’ to be able to listen to it and to keep it together. Every session I would always be amazed by how Bryony could just ‘feel out’ and ‘sense’ areas that were of issue and detect where the source of the pain and discomfort was coming from. As well as enabling me to return to training and keeping me fit, Bryony’s ability to ‘listen’ and ‘tune in’ with my body could source out other areas that needed attention, such as my digestive system, my quality of sleep and any negative emotions that were affecting my body in an unhealthy way. Following my sessions not only was I able to continue to train without suffering any pain or discomfort, I also had a greater feelings of happiness and enjoyment with life and benefiting from a better nights sleep.

Bryony’s very calming and understanding nature immediately put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable discussing various issues and areas of my life and lifestyle. The treatment was neither painful nor unpleasant, in fact it was very relaxing and I found I looked forward to my consultations with Bryony as a chance to ‘escape’ and enjoy some relaxation more akin to a massage.

Last month I was over the moon to cross the finish line of my first Ironman and I owe a huge amount to Bryony and her fantastic treatment for being able to get me there.

I cannot recommend Bryony enough. Not just for the acupuncture treatment and the positive effects of this, but also the friendly yet professional manner in which Bryony goes about her delivery.

Since returning I will continue to see Bryony as I feel acupuncture has become not just a fundamental part of my training, but also as part of my life, and getting the most from it.”