Feeling Stressed? No Energy?

These days our lifestyles can be so busy, with many different demands on our time, and often we end up feeling stressed and exhausted.

Maybe you don’t have any specific symptoms, you just feel you’re struggling to cope or maybe a bit run down? Often when we don’t take time to look after ourselves, we run around ‘on empty’ thinking that we are coping, but then find ourselves feeling grumpy, irritable, tired, and also that we seem to fall prey to more colds, bad skin, headaches etc than usual.

In Chinese medicine this is easily explained, as through overwork and the way we live, we are damaging the flow of qi around our bodies, and either it gets stuck or depleted, leading to a variety of physical or emotional niggles.

Traditional acupuncture is a gentle, relaxing way to heal your energy flows, putting you back in a stronger, healthier position. Most people really enjoy the treatment itself, as well as the longer term benefits. The needles are so superfine that often you will hardly feel them, and lying quietly and comfortably while the needles are left in for 20 minutes or so gives you a chance to rest and recover while the body gets on with its own self-healing processes.


“ When I first came to see Bryony I was such a mess, running around like a mad thing, thinking I was coping well and yet often feeling run down and tearful. I came for acupuncture because a friend told me it may help with the problems I was having with headaches but, after a full discussion about my health and my lifestyle, it became apparent that the headaches were just a small part of an overall picture of stress and exhaustion. When Bryony explained how my many little symptoms all linked together from a Chinese medicine perspective, it made such sense, and I also realised that I needed to start looking after myself better both for me and for my family’s sake. I had acupuncture for several weeks, and really loved the time spent there, it was time just for me to feel nourished and cared for. I also followed some of the other advice Bryony gave me, about learning to relax and eating in a more beneficial way, and within just a few weeks felt so much better. My skin is better, my headaches have gone, and my family tell me that I am much nicer to have around!”

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